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Keeping your home safe and affordable in 2020 is our number one priority. We are an Evergy Preferred Insulation Contractor and a Spire Natural Gas Energy Efficiency Loan Partner.  Go green and save green with MyGreenKC! In addition to attic insulation, air sealing is one of the most overlooked improvements that you can make on your home. With MyGreenKC Blower Door testing and infrared camera technology we can pinpoint gaps in the air barrier for opportunities to save on energy and money. Remember, insulation is just a filter if air sealing is not properly done.


“It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.”

Latent heat is complicated to understand when considering building science. Your air conditioner should help remove latent heat which lowers the relative humidity and allows your home to feel more comfortable even at higher thermostat temperatures! Attic Insulation and a better sealed home can often allow for a smaller air conditioner as well. An oversized AC will often not dehumidify correctly causing a cold and clammy feeling. Your Air conditioner should run for long periods on the hottest days of the year


Expert Insulation Contractors for Attic Insulation

Most important for an Insulation contractor is knowing when to use Blow In, Foam or Bat insulation. That knowledge bolsters our expertise and leads to high returns on investment with greater customer satisfaction. Don’t forget the Knee Wall Insulation. What about fiberglass, cellulose, rock wool and vermiculate insulation? Do you need Insulation removal? Make sure your insulation in installed and performs correctly. Our Local Pros would love to help with your home insulation or attic insulation project. Go Green and save green with #mygreenkc


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