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Update 4-1-2016 A new KCP&L rebate program for Windows, Insulation and Air sealing is available!  click here


Update this program Ended 12-18-2015


Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® is a collaboration between Missouri Gas Energy, KCP&L and the Kansas City Metropolitan Energy Center sponsored by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

This program is designed to help homeowners assess the total energy efficiency of their homes through a professional home energy audit from a certified auditor. This audit will provide you with a comprehensive list of home improvements you can make to become more efficient, save money and be more comfortable. With help from MGE and KCP&L, you can offset some of the costs associated with the audit and qualifying home improvements.

The total cost of your home energy audit and any qualifying home improvements will be divided equally between MGE and KCP&L up to a maximum of $1,200 ($600 from each company) and applied to gas and electric bills as reimbursement if paid for upfront.

The Kansas City Metropolitan Energy Center administers this program on behalf of MGE and KCP&L and ensures that both the auditor and customer meet all program qualifications before credits are issued.

Simply follow these steps to get started!


STEP 1 … Choose a Certified Energy Auditor (GIC)
STEP 2 … Request a Home Performance energy audit

STEP 3 … Select one of the qualifying eg. insulation, windows/doors, weatherization
STEP 4 … Install improvement
STEP 5 … Receive post-installation analysis to verify insulation, air sealing, windows 
STEP 6 … Complete and return the Rebate Application form
STEP 7 … Receive the appropriate amount in bill credits from both MGE and KCP&L

CLICK HERE  for the Official Website.

NOTE: Missouri customers who do not have both MGE and KCP&L as their electric and gas providers may still participate, but will only receive up to $600 in bill credits from their respective utility provider. Program not available in Kansas or Southwest Missouri.


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