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Air Sealing

Is energy leaking from your home? Air sealing keeps the air you pay to heat and cool inside your home.

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Energy Audits

A home energy audit assesses the energy efficiency of a home using professional equipment like blower doors, infrared cameras, and carbon monoxide testing tools.


Infrared Scans

Infared scans can assist with water leak and retention detection. IR scans can also identify gaps in insulation and air barriers. A large temperature difference is best.


HERS Ratings

A home energy rating is an analysis of a home’s energy efficiency, per the HERS Index, the nationally recognized system for measuring performance. 100 is an average…


Duct Leakage Testing

We have both a pressure pan and a duct blaster and can consult on sealing, repair, replacement and design. Duct leakage to the outside can be very costly on utility bills.


Blower Door Testing

A blower door test measures how leaky or tight a building is. This is a tool that makes our air sealing so prioritized, and gives clients a high return on investment.


Radon testing

We can test for radon in basements and crawlspaces. This radioactive gas can harm your family. Get your home tested so you can take action if there is a dangerous condition.


Mold testing

Mold is a fungus that can harm your family and pets. Our test can help determine levels of spores inside your home. We can also consult on the best way to deal with mold.


Sewer gas leaks

Is your home or business plagued by the stinky smell of sewer gas? We can combine a blower door test with a smoke test to help locate breaks in the drain line.


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