Energy Audit Kansas City

Get an Energy Audit before you buy! Everyone is quick to add attic insulation, or sign for those new windows.  They sure do look great and help you to save money. An energy audit can not only make sure your home is safe from carbon monoxide, but it can also pay for part of your project.

A home energy audit may qualify you for rebates and tax incentives. KCP&L and MGE customers also enjoy a rebate on the cost of the energy assessment. Up to $100 per qualified window (4 max)  and up to $500 for attic  insulation. Insulation and windows are big investments in addition to enjoying incentives and ensuring safety the home energy audit allows to complete a computer model of your home and the window insulation or HVAC improvement. This helps you get the best bang for you buck.  You might find that new windows have only a fraction of the return on investment  a new furnace would have. Safety testing is the most important aspect of an energy audit we check the home for gas appliances that could produce carbon monoxide and create a dangerous situation. If carbon monoxide is present in the flue pipe it also is a sign for the energy auditor that combustion is incomplete.

There is also a Missouri state tax deduction that our approved auditors can help you qualify for so what ever your needs we have a wide range of options to best fit your budget act now these incentives wont last forever. Call today and we can help determine your needs. Please note many rebates require materials are not purchased or contracted before the Energy audit date.

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