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As winter approaches, it’s a good time to Go Green this Fall. Energy efficiency is our main focus at MyGreenKC. Here are 10 projects to make sure your home is efficient and comfortable.

Home in Fall to Go Green

1. Energy Audit – An Energy Audit is a complete assessment of your home from top to bottom. Our Auditing includes the use of Blower Doors to measure air leakage in your home. MyGreenKC also uses infrared cameras to find areas where the air is leaking. We’ll measure your attic insulation, and assess exterior wall and framed floor insulation.

2. Draft Proof – We can help with our Air Sealing services. Our trained staff use caulk, foam and weather-stripping to seal your house making it more comfortable and affordable. You may also add rubber seals for the bottom of doors, and treat your windows with heavy window curtains.

3. Windows – Swap out window screens or install storm windows(Link) to add layers of protection. You may need to repair or replace any cracked or broken window panes and inspect wood frames for rot.

4. HVAC Tune-Up – It’s important to hire someone to inspect the overall system twice a year, in spring for cooling and fall for heating This measure prolongs life of units, and saves on energy bills. Don’t forget to change the filters in the unit as well.

5. Winterize AC Units – For window units especially, this step will lengthen the life of your unit. You may want to remove window units and store them in  a cool dry place, or install specialized covers on them. This helps keep out drafts. Again, clean and replace the filter while you’re at it.

6. Update Insulation – Your home’s insulation can deteriorate over time. If an energy audit finds that you are losing energy, you can greatly reduce the cost of heating/cooling your home by properly insulating. Foam, fiberglass and blown are different types available. Blown insulation is most popular for the attic area. Foam is not recommended in attics because of problems with moisture. Although, foam insulating the walls can give you a better air seal barrier, but the cost is greater. Our professionals can help you with deciding which improvement will benefit your home the most.

7. Seal Garage – This step preserves heat in home and keeps the car a little warmer. You should caulk fissures and use tube shaped stripping for door bottoms. Having an insulated door where you enter the house from the garage is beneficial. Also, you should have insulated garage walls where they are shared with the house.

8. Ceiling Fans – One of the easiest things you can do to Go Green this Fall is change your ceiling fan direction. The switch is usually located on the motor housing of your fan. They should spin clockwise in winter to push warm air down.

9. Programmable Thermostat – For efficiency, installing or being sure to use your programmable thermostat will help keep cost down and comfort up. Program your energy usage for when you come and go. Set them to increase temps in the morning, and lower them at bedtime. 

10. Insulate Hot Water Pipes – This helps keep warm water in the pipes longer, so the boiler in your water heater doesn’t have to work as hard, and water gets hotter faster when it’s needed. Use sleeves or wraps to add insulation to your pipes.

From MyGreenKC, we hope these tips will help you Go Green this Fall for comfort and lower overall costs to you. Contact us anytime if you are looking for any of the services that we offer.

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