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I was the Program Manager (2011-2012) for Housewarmings, a program of Bridging the Gap in Kansas City, that helped homeowners achieve higher energy efficiency with professional energy audits, professional installation of attic insulation and air sealing combined with my direct work with family members to seal basements and wall/floor penetrations. Green Improvement Consulting acted as my professional partners providing quality audits and coordinating all the professional services and material acquisition. Together, we serviced 32 homes in the inner city of Kansas City MO at no cost to the homeowners. GIC worked with the homeowners to provide guidance and paperwork necessary for the families to qualify for EWKC and Home Performance with Energy Star rebates. This program in partnership with GIC achieved an average of 23% increase in energy efficiency with several homes achieving over 30% energy savings.

—Don Reck, Program Colleague


I received the free energy audit and the company found a large concentration of carbon monoxide being thrown off by my aging furnace. I had been very ill and could have lost my life. Thanks to the company, I am letting everyone know, they saved my life!!! If you get the referral,be sure to take advantage of this service! It might save your life too!

—Brenda Logan, Client

Knowing some cold weather was coming I decided that it was time to work on improving my home efficiency. Not only to save on bills, but because I m a big proponent of going green. I will definitely be using GIC for more home improvements to my house in the future. After insulation and air sealing I ve noticed my furnace turning off more often in sub zero temperatures and the house feels great. Thanks!
— Brent Nolan, Client

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