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Geothermal Heat Pump

In need of a new HVAC system?  Why not think about buying a Heat Pump?

Ground source Heat Pumps use the earth as a heat sink. Heat Pumps move heat, they don’t create it that’s why heat pumps can be far more efficient than resistance heat.

Save money each month and Go Green with a new heat pump in your home!

The advantage to installing a heat pump is it can both heat and cool your home.  During the winter months the unit will move heat from the outside air into the home and then reverse this process in the summer months to cool your home.  They also take up less space in your home and leave a much smaller foot print on the environment.  Unlike a gas furnace, the heat pump does not release carbon monoxide into the air.  Depending on the area you live in, you may need a back-up furnace for the winter months.


What about efficiency?

Heat pumps also run at a 300 to 400 percent efficiency, where as a typical furnace will run at an 80 to 95 percent efficiency.  Over time a furnace will slowly lose its efficiency, but this type of unit will stay close to the same percentage year after year. On average you could save around 30 to 40 percent on utilities each year just by switching to a heat pump. Though the up front cost may be a little more than the typical HVAC unit, but with the amount of savings each month a heat pump can be a faster payoff.


What about the cost?

Can’t come up with all the money to pay for the unit?  Take advantage of the rebates Missouri has to offer!!!  Most utility companies have some type of incentive to make your home more energy efficiency.  More information on these rebates can be found at KC Cool Homes and  You can also receive a monthly discount through KCPL by using a heat pump.

Let us help you live a more energy efficient lifestyle.  Contact Green Improvement Consulting today!