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Air Leak Diagram for Air Sealing

Advantages to air sealing your home:


Increased durability

Decreasing air flow decreases the opportunity for condensation and prevents moisture problems.

Improved indoor air quality

Sealing up your home means less pollen, dust and pests are introduced to the living space.

Increased comfort

Less drafts mean more comfort.

Saving on utility bills

You wouldn’t want a window open while running your furnace or air conditioner. All those gaps and cracks add up! Tightening your home means your dollar bills won’t fly out the window.

You don’t want to pay to heat and cool the outside, so why are you?

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Your heated and cooled air is leaking out of all those gaps and cracks in your home. Sometimes the areas of leakage are obvious but for the most part not easy to detect. Green Improvement Consulting utilizes tools that will identify all the hidden areas in your home that are leaking. Using our blower door and infrared technology enables us to determine where your home is leaking the most air. Our trained staff will then use caulk, foam and weather-stripping to seal your house making it more comfortable and affordable.


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