Energy Audit Kansas City

Thanksgiving dinner can’t get here quick enough for the GIC staff. We are looking forward to a day spent with our family, friends and of course, plate fulls of delicious foods. Here are some tips for enjoying your holiday feast while being kind to the environment.

1) Use reusable bags when grocery shopping. Plastic shopping bags are one of the most common sights in landfills. While paper bags may be another option, they are still using natural resources that could otherwise be saved.

2) Shop local farmers markets. Reduce your carbon footprint with the food you make. Their produce is often fresher and more flavorful than what is shipped internationally or long distances. It also helps out your local economy.

3) Use reusable napkins and flatware. Practice reducing waste and using reusable materials.

4) Recycle. Don’t throw out those plastic containers, wine bottles or aluminum cans.

5) Travel efficiently. If you have to travel make sure your car is performing at its peak and the tires are aired to the suggested pressure. This will increase fuel efficiency and save you money.

Have a happy, safe and green Thanksgiving!