Energy Audit Kansas City

What is Air Sealing?

Every home has air sealing opportunities where gaps, cracks and holes exists.  These areas could be from wiring, plumbing, flues, windows, doors or exterior wall seams.  Most homeowners do not take the time to really inspect their home for these issues or even know what they are looking for.  A good way to identify these issues is by having an Energy Audit preformed on your home.   After the problem areas are found you can begin the process of “air sealing” your home.  Most home gaps can be fixed with caulk or spray foam depending on the issue.  Windows and doors can simply be sealed by adding weather stripping and a door sweep if needed.  In some cases the trim around windows/doors will need to be removed and the framing gap spray foamed.   Depending on how leaky your home is, you should see some amount of savings after the air sealing improvements.  Air sealing will also help make your home more comfortable during the changing seasons.


Exterior Door Air SealingExterior door air leakage opportunity for air sealing.Rim Joist Air SealingRim joist leakage opportunity for air sealing.










Still not sure if air sealing is for your home?

  • A crack as small as 1/16th of an inch around a window frame can let in as much cold air as leaving the window open three inches.
  • Every year, more than $13 billion worth of energy leaks from houses through small holes and cracks.  That’s more than $150 per family.
  • Statistics show that somewhere between 10% and 30% of energy costs are due to air leaks.

Air sealing is also a inexpensive way to give your home a tighter seal and save you money every month.  There are rebates available through local utility companies for low cost or even free energy audits.  Green Improvement Consulting can help you figure out which rebates you qualify for and help you with the process of making your home more energy efficient.  Give GIC a call today!!