Energy Audit Kansas City
Update 9-30-11
The KCC along with the Governor’s Office anoounced 1.5 Million would be returned to Efficiency Kansas to cover 150 of the pending loans.
We are excited about this news . Although the money is not yet transferred as of yet. The Sun reports  this news, no time line as given as winter bills approach…. To be continued
The State Energy office offered $100.00 energy audits to Kansas residents.  The audits are needed to access improvement funding based on a comprehensive improvement retrofit plan. This plan was then approved by the state. Auditors received a loan amount approval by the state Energy Office. We were required to send homeowners notice of this amount within 7 Days of state approval. The approval letter stated homeowners could access 0% interest loans through their participating electric providers, repaid through their utility bill.

Estimated Four to five weeks ago the State apparently applied to re allocate funds to a grant for  an ethanol and a methane plant. The state did not inform its Auditors, participating utilities, contractors, municipalities or Kansas residents of this.  At the same time, Auditors, by the direction of the state energy office were informed we needed to increase the amount of loans to keep the ARRA funds.  We did this. In the last 3 months we have completed 2739+ audits. Each approval letter from the state contains a loan amount and an ID number, which is the running total of audits to date.

At the same time as the state energy office at the direction of the Governor’s office was reallocating funds, they were with holding this information and presenting to the public that they had approved loan amounts which would be funded by this very same money.  This is the math:  2700 (audits completed) X $7000.00 (average loan amount)= $18,900,000.00.  This amount belongs to those people who received letters of approval until their Efficiency Kansas audit expires 1 year from the date of their audit. The Efficiency Kansas manual on line corroborates this information.

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