Energy Audit Kansas City

When most people think about energy audits they may not realize that along with addressing energy deficiencies a certified auditor will also address safety concerns. Trained auditors look for a variety of safety issues such as: high levels of carbon monoxide, fire hazards and proper drafting of furnaces and water heaters.

Too often we hear stories of families being poisoned by carbon dioxide during the winter months as our furnaces work hard to heat our homes. An energy auditor will ensure that each gas furnace, water heater and stove are producing safe levels of carbon monoxide.

Also, the auditor will look for areas where the garage is not sealed completely from the house. This is important as carbon monoxide are emitted from vehicles even after they are turned off. In some cases homeowners may even warm up their cars and leave them running in the garage. If the home and garage are sharing air due to lack of air sealing this poses a serious health concern.

Installing a carbon monoxide detector will also alert homeowners when carbon monoxide levels rise to an unsafe level in the home. It is recommended that a detector be installed near sleeping areas and at every level of the home.

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