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Many of us would like to know what kind of impact we are having on our environment and what we can do personally to protect our planet. While it may be difficult to pinpoint just how much energy we are using, an energy audit on our homes is often enlightening. Having an audit done on your house can give you a good idea of how much energy you are using, especially on a periodic basis. A professional audit can show you different ways your home is using energy, particularly with heating and cooling systems, but also energy used by your household appliances. More importantly, an audit will show us where energy is being wasted, and give us an idea of how to make improvements.

There are several possible solutions to this problem. Your heating and cooling systems may need cleaning or maintenance. An auditor can help find the proper settings for appliances to make our homes more efficient. It’s often beneficial to upgrade appliances and equipment to newer ‘energy-rated’ models. Audits will also show you where heat is escaping or cold is entering your home. Properly sealing and insulating your home is one of the best ways to improve our energy usage.

Having an audit done is educational for a homeowner, and improvements will help decrease our impact on the environment. Also, it can save homeowners money. Auditors can direct us towards possible rebates from programs that promote energy savings and reducing carbon footprints. Most improvements will reduce utility bills 5-30%. Your home’s overall value can increase as well. Helping reduce the strain on the environment in this way can impact homeowners in many ways.

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