Energy Audit Kansas City




Summer is almost here!! 






It’s that time of the year again to start preparing your home for   warmer weather.  Are you energy bills high and your home is still not cool?  Does your home have one room where it seems like it will never cool off?  There are a few issues that could be causing this to happen: 


  • First off is to make sure you home is equipped with the correct size a/c unit.  Air conditioners come in different sizes and should be sized according to the total square footage of the space to be cooled.  If your a/c unit is too small it will be constantly running, trying to keep up with the desired temperature.  This will cause your energy bills to be high and your home is still not cool.
  • The ductwork in your home could also be an issue.  If your home has flexible ductwork, make sure there are not any kinks or tight turns in the ductwork.  When there is a tight turn in the ductwork, the conditioned air does not have an unobstructed path to the desired living space.  Metal ductwork also has areas that allow conditioned air to leak into unwanted spaces.  Every seam in the metal ductwork should be sealed with mastic tape, in order to created a tight seal.  Also seal the gap between the vent walls and the wall/floor, to give the conditioned air a direct path.  Making sure your ductwork is correctly installed and sealed will help keep conditioned air in the desired living spaces of your home.
  • Another issue to address is making sure your home is properly weather sealed.  Weather sealing is not just for the winter months.  Cool conditioned air can leak from windows and doors also.  The doors in your home should have proper weather-stripping around all sides and your windows should also have weather-stripping around the sashes.  Make sure to seal off any gaps or holes on the exterior of your home as well.

While these are just a few of the ways to make sure your home is prepared for the summer months, these improvements can make a big difference.  Having an Energy Audit preformed can help you figure out if any of the above issues are keeping your home from feeling comfortable during the summer months.  Saving money each month and keeping cool will equal a better summer.

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