Energy Audit Kansas City

How can this be you ask?

EWKC is currently loaning customers funding at 0% interest if you achieve a %50 energy savings.  Not only do your bills drop by 50% but this can be  a no point no lien loan. Your project will likely be eligible for a Home Performance w Energy Star  a KCP&L and MGE rebate program for energy audits and efficiency.

Our goal for you is:
To determine current energy costs and the potential savings that could be provided by certain retrofits to ensure the amount of savings covers the cost of any retrofits
The EWKC  Loan Program can offer:
Zero Upfront Capital Costs
Upfront capital costs of the energy efficiency improvements are amortized and repaid through the energy savings. Typical finance periods are between 5 to 15 years in duration.
Energy Savings Equal Positive Cash Flow
In many cases energy savings from the improvements may fully repay the debt of the energy efficiency improvements and could provide positive cash flow to the home owner based on the energy savings.
Lower utility Costs
The energy savings realized from the improvements will lower long term operating costs for your home.
Savings Guarantee
Green improvement Consulting  may enter into a performance contract where a minimum level of cost savings are guaranteed.
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