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My Utility Bills Are High And I Can’t Afford The Repairs To Make My Home More Energy Efficient!

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We all know how expensive home repairs can be, but sometimes we have no choice.  With the rise in the cost of living today, many of us just don’t have enough money to pay for these repairs.   GIC would like to remind you that with the help of  EnergyWorks KC and NHS (Neighborhoods Homes Solutions) there is a way to make these repairs with out draining the bank.  Through the energy efficiency loan program customers can make energy efficiency repairs to their home without having to pay the upfront costs.  This program was only available to the KCMO homeowners until recently.  The program has now expanded to the outlying KCMO areas.  

What does this mean for me and how can GIC help?

By first receiving an Energy Audit from one of GIC’s licensed auditors, we will help identify which areas of the home are in need of repair in order to make your house more energy efficient.  GIC will then help you figure out which repairs should be done first.  After determining the cost of the repairs, NHS would like to help qualifying applicants set up an energy efficiency home loan through participating lenders to help cover these costs.  Qualifying applicants will be offered a low interest loan with up to a 15 year payback.  This is a great way to make you home more energy efficient as soon as possible.

Schedule your Energy Audit today!

Not only can an Energy Audit help you qualify for an Energy Efficiency Repair Loan, it will also help show you ways to make your home more energy efficient.  Making energy efficiency improvements to your home, will help put money back into your pocket every month.  Contact GIC today to schedule your Energy Audit and find out if you qualify for an Energy Efficiency Home Repair Loan!!