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The cooler season is approaching which means it’s time to make a “Fall Savings” check list!

It’s that time of the year again to look forward to leaves changing, pumpkins growing and thoughts of warm comfort foods.  This is also a time to make sure your home is also ready for the change in weather.  There are many ways you can help make your home more comfortable during the winter months and also save on energy bills.

“Fall Savings” List!

  • Change Your Furnace Filter – A furnace is always a big expense during the winter months and if not properly serviced it can cost you even more.  It is recommended to have a professional service your furnace at least once a year.  Also changing the furnace filter every sixty to ninety days will help keep the unit running properly.   When the filter is full, the unclean air is push aside to other areas of the furnace and can cause build up on parts of the furnace.   The build will eventually damage these parts causing your furnace to fail.
  • Seal Around Windows and Doors  – Window and door gaps are among the top reasons for air leakage in a home.  Most homeowners are not aware of how well their windows and doors are sealed beneath the trim.  If you are not up to removing the trim, you can simply seal the edges of the trim with clear caulk.  Placing weather striping around the edges of the window opening also helps create a tight seal.  Adding a door sweep will  help seal your home as well.
  • Install a Programmable Thermostat – This improvement alone could save you up to 15% on your energy bills.  Just by simply programming the thermostat to keep your home comfortable when you are there and then setting it to lower the temperature while you are gone will make a big difference.  You won’t be wasting money on keeping your home warm while you are away.
  • Keep Fireplace Damper Closed When Not in Use – When your furnace is running it is pulling air from inside the house and if your fireplace damper is open the furnace is pulling air from the chimney as well.  Also the conditioned air in you home can escape through the chimney, causing your furnace to run more often.  Make sure your fireplace damper is closed when not in use and if a tighter seal is desired, install a chimney balloon.  This balloon can be deflated when the fireplace is in use and the inflated when not in use.
  • Take Advantage of Window Heat From the Sun – Open your blinds during the day on the windows that get direct sunlight and when the sun goes down close the curtains to keep the heat from escaping.  This is a good way to heat up your home naturally and save you money on energy bills.
  • Add Humidity to Conditioned Air – Humid air holds heat better than dry air.  Therefore having a humidifier running in your home will help keep the conditioned air at the desire temperature.  If you would like to take efficiency one step further, use a collection of live plants to add humidity to your home instead of using a humidifier.
  • Make Sure Your Attic is Properly Insulated – Hot air rises, therefore if your attic is not properly insulated you will lose warm air through the roof of your home.  A properly insulated attic has an R-49 rating.  The insulation will help slow down the warm conditioned air from leaking through the attic and help keep the living spaces comfortable.

Once all of these “Fall Savings” improvements are checked off, you will be able to enjoy all that the cooler months have to offer!


"Fall Savings"!!


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