Energy Audit Kansas City

See your home in a whole new light with the help of:

With thermal imaging Green Improvement  has the ability to show you exactly how energy efficient your home is  in the palm of their hands.  With the help of Flir One thermal imaging we are able to show you as the homeowner specific areas of your home that are leaking conditioned air.  It’s like taking an x-ray of your homes hot and cold spots.  Through thermal imaging we can pinpoint leaky windows, low insulated walls and attic areas, leaky penetrations and even water damage that you may not know is there.  Most homes have issues that the naked eye can not detect, but thanks to thermal imaging we can now see these issues.   Below is an example of how this imaging works.


We can also check the electrical connections in your home!

Flir One thermal imaging is also a great way to see if the electrical panel in your home is being overloaded.  Most homeowners don’t even know how to check if their electrical panel has this issue.  When you thermal scan an electrical panel you can see right away which breakers are overheating.  An overheated breaker will shut off every time it it is overloaded.  In extreme cases this issue could cause an electrical fire.  You can avoid these problems, simply by making sure you electrical panel is evenly distributed.

Who doesn’t want to save money and have a peace of mind when it comes to your home.  With the help of GIC, we can show you ways to make your home more energy efficient and safe.  Give GIC a call today to set up an Energy Audit with Thermal Scanning and start down the path of savings!!

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