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With the holidays in full swing we thought we would share with you some cool gadgets for the environmentally minded friends and family on you list. At GIC we love technology that is practical and energy efficient so here is a list of three affordable and fun gadgets that would make perfect gifts.

1.This gadget allows you to sing along in the shower to your favorite radio station without using any additional energy. The technology uses the water pressure being produced by your shower to power the radio. A great way to save money on batteries and reduce your carbon footprint!





This multi-use gadget comes with a variety of features including:

  • AM (520-1710 KHz) & FM (87-108MHz)
  • NOAA weatherband – all 7 channels
  • Built-in 3 white LED light source
  • 1 flashing red LED

Plus it can be powered from four different sources:

1. Dynamo/hand crank which charges the Ni-MH battery

2. From 3 AAA batteries (not included)

3. AC Power (AC Adaptor not included)

4. Solar power which charges Ni-MH battery

In addition, Etón Corporation will contribute $0.49 to $1.00 of the sales price of each Red Cross product to support the American Red Cross.



 With this highly functional keyboard you can cut back on your battery usage by utilizing solar power. Like most calculators, this keyboard can be powered by any light source. It will even run in the dark for up to three months. That’s pretty impressive.

Buy these gifts for someone you know or you add them to your own wish list. They are sure to make a unique green gift.

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