Energy Audit Kansas City

If you’re going to brave the crowds on Black Friday we have a couple things to consider while doing so. We know that there will be plenty of great deals on electronics, but look for the ENERGY STAR label when choosing one model over another. The person you are buying the gift for will thank you for also keeping in mind the cost to operate their new electronic. An ENERGY STAR appliance or electronic could save $200 or more in yearly operating costs.

Also consider getting tech savvy energy saving accessories like smart power strips and rechargeable batteries. For those that are not quite as tech savvy a sweater, quilt or robe is always a nice choice as it will allow the recipient of the gift to set the thermostat at a lower temp. Recycled products are also another great choice as many companies offer jewelry out of recycled precious metals. Check out these unique gift ideas shared by The Daily Green.

Gift giving is always a thoughtful process, but take it up a notch this year by adding energy efficiency into the equation.

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