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Christmas is the time for giving!

Christmas time can be a very difficult for many.  Although the season is not about presents, giving back to others can lift their spirits.  Just to know that someone else is thinking about them, can make this time of the year a little easier.


Here at GIC we were able to adopt a mother this year who is living at the Mother’s Refuge house in Independence.  If you are not familiar with this organization, this is definitely one to get to know.  Mother’s Refuge is a home where teen mothers are able to care their newborn babies in a safe and loving environment for the first year.  These teens are also able to take classes to further their education, while learning important life skills that will help them raise and support healthy babies.


When dropping off the gifts, we enjoyed a tour of the Refuge home.  The environment provided for these girls is an amazing space.  You can feel the love and care that went into making this home a safe haven.  Also the staff and volunteers obviously give so much of themselves to make this possible.  Now don’t think this home is a free handout to the girls.  While being provided with the necessary needs, the girls are expected to keep up their responsibilities in the home.  Like many of us, they have to share cooking and cleaning responsibilities.  As well as completing an educational plan set up for them.


This is such a wonderful opportunity for those in need.  We are extremely excited to be able to provide a few presents for one of the girls to open on Christmas day.  Hopefully they will feel that someone cares and one day help make a difference for someone else.

Thank you to the Mother’s Refuge family for letting us be apart of their holiday this year.


Remember to give back this season and make someone smile!