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This Mother’s Day skip the typical flowers and perfume and give mom something unique and environmentally thoughtful. Have you waited until the last minute to shop for that gift that will show your mother how much you love and appreciate her? No worries. These creative and green gift ideas are easy to find and will be sure to put a smile on mom’s face.

  1. Plant a tree for mom. There are so many beautiful flowering trees that will give your mother something to remember forever. So pass up that bouquet and head to your local nursery. Consider native flowering trees that offer eye catching blooms like the Eastern Redbud, Flowering Dogwood or Wild Plum. 

  2. Make a donation. Donate to an organization that promotes sustainability like our local Bridging The Gap which provides several environmental services like recycling centers and educational programs. Volunteering with mom on Mother’s Day also offers a gift that costs nothing but your time and provides you and mom with an experience that is sure to make you feel good. 

  3. Give the gift of fresh, local produce with a membership to a CSA or organic delivery company like Door to Door Organics. There are several great local CSA’s that will provide mom with freshest local produce year-round. Visit the farmer’s market with mom this weekend and let her choose her CSA provider. 

If you are going to go traditional this Mother’s Day consider buying pesticide-free flowers, recycled greeting cards and organic or local chocolates. Christopher Elbow offers a variety of chocolates that are not only delicious, but works of art. There’s a  green alternative for any Mother’s Day gift idea! If mom is looking to begin greening her home by making it energy efficient Green Improvement Consulting has gift certificates. Contact us today for details on customizable digital gift cards. 

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