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Why do we celebrate Halloween?

Halloween will be filled with costumes and candy, but why do we do this?  It is thought that this day was created for the Celts to dress up in white with blacked faces to ward off evil spirits believed to be roaming the Earth.  Later on the day became a day of “souling”.  The children of the town would go from neighbor to neighbor collecting soul cakes in exchange for saying prayers for lost relatives and friends.


As time went on the prayers would turn into songs, jokes and poetry in return for fruit or money.  By 1927 these traditions would make their way to America through the influence of immigrants.  This introduction would start the tradition of giving candy for the jokes.


The shortage of sugar during WWII would change this holiday into Halloween as we know it today.  Newly built suburbs would provide a safe place for children dress up in costumes and run about collecting candy from door to door.


The more adventures costumes started during the Victorian ages influenced by literature.  Children would dress as bats, ghosts or even thought to be a more exotic costume of an Egyptian Pharaoh.  However, the introduction of pop culture to society would eventually make way for costumes as we know them today.


So what will you be dressed up as today and are you ready for the multiple knocks on your door for candy??


Although this tradition started as a way to ward of spirits, it has transformed into an exciting holiday for adults and children alike.  We all look forward the decorations, imaginative costumes and yummy treats.


Put on a costume, grab some candy and enjoy the festivities of the day!!


Happy Halloween from GIC!!





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