Energy Audit Kansas City

The Home Energy Affordability Loan (HEAL) program allows employees to payroll deduct energy efficiency upgrades to their homes through their employer. This is both an advantage to the employee as their homes are safer, more comfortable and affordable as well as the employer as it attracts and retains quality employees and increases sustainability efforts.

Kansas City has been chosen to introduce HEAL through a pilot program. There is already a lender working with the Metropolitan Energy Center to provide low (and in some cases 0%) financing. Employees who participate in the program view their company more highly and are happier with their employer. Some of the ways they view their company more positively are:

  • 93% believe their employers care more about their employees.
  • 82% would recommend their employer to others.
  • 82% said offering HEAL makes for a better workplace.

The program is made accessible to every income level within the company, which is unique. It allows for disposable income to be increased while improving the value of their home which is most employees’ most valuable financial asset. Employees who participate in the program will receive a home energy assessment, a personalized energy plan and are able to take advantage of utility rebates. On average, employees see a 23% return on investment.

If you are an employee or an employer who is interested in the program please contact Green Improvement Consulting today.