Energy Audit Kansas City

What exactly is a HERS index score? A HERS score measures a home’s energy efficiency much like the your car’s efficiency is determined by the miles per gallon. How many of you out there would buy a car without knowing its fuel efficiency? My guess is most of you would not. However, most of us buy our homes without thinking twice about how efficient is it.

HERS ratings can be great tools when buying and selling homes. Depending on the outcome of the HERS rating the seller can advertise the home as more efficient than the average home or choose to make improvements to the home before placing it on the market. Buyers can choose to get a home HERS rated before the purchase is final to ensure that the home is performing to a desired level or work additional energy efficiency measures into the sale of the home.

Check out this interactive tool that shows how HERS scores work and learn more at

GIC will soon have a fully certified HERS rater to perform these diagnostics on your home. We are excited to offer this service to our clients.