Energy Audit Kansas City

Qualify for up to $1,200 in bill credits from MGE and KCP&L
when you conduct a home energy audit using a certified Home Performance with ENERGY STAR auditor and implement at least one of the qualifying improvements recommended by your auditor.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR is a collaboration between Missouri Gas Energy, KCP&L and the Kansas City Metropolitan Energy Center. The program is sponsored by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and is part of the government’s ENERGY STAR program. This program is for Missouri customers only.

With a comprehensive home energy audit, you will know exactly where the problem spots are in your home that are costing you money. You can work with your auditor to develop a plan to correct these deficiencies that meets both your comfort needs and your budget. Most of all, you’ll be doing your part to help protect our environment and stabilize your utility rates by reducing demand.

See Below for a video Explaining An Energy Audit and the program
Energy Audit by Home Performance with Energy Star

Some of the benefits of implementing home energy audit improvements include:

  • Increased comfort
  • Lower year round utility bills
  • Improved health and safety of your home
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Its so simple to start saving monies right away.

STEP 1 … Choose a Certified Auditor:
STEP 2 … Request a Home Performance audit
STEP 3 … Select one of the qualifying improvements you wish to implement
STEP 4 …Install improvement
STEP 5 … Receive post-installation audit to verify improvements have
been made
STEP 6 … Complete and return the Rebate Application form
STEP 7 … Receive the appropriate amount in bill credits from both MGE
and KCP&L