Energy Audit Kansas City

What is an ice dam? Ever see those long icicles hanging from the roof of a house? Ice dams are caused by several factors such as roof pitch, insulation levels and how well the roof assemblies are air sealed. Now is a perfect time to take a look at your own roof to see if there are potential problems.

The problem with ice dams is that they can cause damage to the sheathing, roof assembly and even the ceiling and walls below. They occur when snow melts from the top of the roof and then encounters a colder spot of the roof further down. This turns the melted snow into ice. After this occurs over a period of time this creates the dam.

The main causes of ice dams are:

  • a heat source such as a poorly insulated duct or water pipe
  • a difference in snow depth
  • air leaking into the space below the roof membrane
  • inadequate insulation or thermal bridging

Three of the four factors listed above can be resolved by increasing your home’s energy efficiency. A professional energy auditor can determine the cause of the problem by conducting a home energy audit.

So, do you see ice dams on your roof? We can help increase your home’s efficiency while enhancing its durability. Call us today to schedule your home energy audit and ask us about available rebates.