Energy Audit Kansas City

New Missouri Heat Pump Rate 4-20-2011

Kansas City Power and Light Missouri Customers sill enjoy big savings to be on a “Heat pump rate” Mygreenkc just saw the new heat pump or space heat tariff . We think its good, also pretty big news, compared to what happened in Kansas. Significant price breaks remain in Missouri for now at least . This rate is for Legacy KCP&L Customers GMO customers pay a little bit different rate.

It is cheaper to have an efficient heat pump vs a 95% furnace . There is normally a gas backup for temps below freezing . We also must point out that is greener to have a …Heat pump even tho electricity is only about 60% efficient delivered to your home. This is because a heat pump is normally 200-300% efficient.

Here is a rate comparison

OLD                              NEW                       % Change

Service Charge                                              8.67                             9.00                              3.81%

0-1000 KWH                                               0.0663                         0.07382                       11.34%

1000+   KWH                                               0.0464                         0.04872                        5.00%

summer KWH                                               0.105                           0.11028                        5.03%


This information came from the Missouri Public Service Commission