Energy Audit Kansas City

Still debating on that New Year’s resolution? Pledging to make your home more efficient is the perfect resolution. Increasing efficiency in the home will make your home more comfortable, your bills cheaper and help the Earth all at the same time. Here is a short list of energy efficiency upgrades you may consider in order to decrease your home’s energy demand:

  1. Replace incandescent light bulbs with CFLs or LEDs. We use lighting year round so it is important to use efficient lighting.
  2. Install low-flow shower heads and sink aerators. Not only will this decrease your water bill, but it will also reduce the energy needed for water heating.
  3. Have your home accessed with an energy audit to see if your house is insulated properly. A professional would be able to identify if your attic, crawl space, above grade walls and floors above unconditioned areas, like garages, are insulated properly.
  4. Seal gaps and cracks with caulk and foam. Weatherstrip doors, seal around plumbing and electrical penetrations to the outside.
  5. Upgrade your HVAC to high efficiency units. When it comes time to replace your units by high efficiency models. They may cost more upfront, but over time they have the potential to save you big bucks.

We always recommend having a home energy audit performed on your home for an in depth and customized analysis of recommended improvements. We wish you and your family a happy and energy efficient new year!