Energy Audit Kansas City

Energy Works Kansas City (EWKC) is a rebate program for saving energy and money and making your home more comfortable.  The program has changed from its October inception. The program is much more simple now, any Kansas City resident can qualify for up to a $1,000 rebate. 15% minimum energy savings is required.

Some sample qualifying upgrades include:

Air Sealing, Insulation, Windows , Doors, Air Conditioners, Furnaces, Water Heaters, and Heat pumps.

No improvements may be installed or contracted before your home evaluation.

When combining this rebate with Home Performance with Energy Star from KCP&L and MGE  a home owner is able to complete an over $2000 energy savings project with little to no out of pocket. Energy Works KC Financing is also available at a 3% interest rate and unsecured under $5000!

Once you have had an Energy Analysis we can determine which upgrades will be the most cost effective and save the most energy, since each home is different and on different budgets.

Visit and start saving today.