Energy Audit Kansas City

The answer is yes!

An Energy Audit is a great way to see exactly which areas of you mobile home need improvement.  By identifying which areas of your mobile home that need improvement you can begin to make you home more energy efficient.  A more energy efficient mobile home saves you money every month and can also make your home more comfortable.  No matter what type of home you have, you want to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Some of the top energy savings improvements are:


  • Air Sealing: Sealing any open gaps in your home helps create a tighter seal.
  • Duct Sealing: Sealing your duct work will help keep conditioned air from leaking into non-living spaces.
  • Replacing an electric furnace with a heat pump.
  • Belly Insulation: Make sure the underside of your home is properly insulated, in order to keep the outside elements from getting in.
  • Attic Insulation: Properly insulating your attic will help keep your home more comfortable and lower monthly bills.

Can’t afford the improvements?

Its even easier to save money when rebates and tax credits pay for some or all of the work.  There are multiple rebates available through the utility companies that home owners can take advantage of.  These rebates are a great way to make some of the improvements to your mobile home lighter on your wallet.

What else can an Energy Audit show?

An Energy Audit also reveals any Health and Safety issues in the home.  Any appliance that burns gas or propane could produce carbon monoxide.  It’s important to test these appliances to make sure your safe from CO.  If these appliances are not tested, you are just making a guess that they are safe for your home.  High amounts of CO in a home could be very harmful to anyone living in the home.

With the cost of living so high these days, everyone is looking for a way to save money each month.  By having an energy audit preformed on your mobile home, you are taking the first step to savings.  Green Improvement Consulting would like to help you take that first step to savings.  Call GIC today to schedule your Energy Audit!