Energy Audit Kansas City

Having trouble deciding what to spend your tax return on?  Why not spend some of it on an Energy Audit to find ways you can save money all year long!!

Schedule an appointment with one of our licensed auditors to have your home tested for air leakage.  Once the audit is complete our company will generate a report pinpointing the areas of your home that are allowing outside air to draft in.  We will then help guide you through a plan to fix these areas and make your home more energy efficient.

On average our customers can save up to 15% annually just by weatherizing alone, but many will save even more after completing all of the energy savings measures recommended.  There are rebates offered by the energy companies that can help pay for energy improvements to your home.  For more information on these rebates check out or

Now is the perfect time to put your tax return to good use!!!  Instead of counting on your tax return every year for extra spending money, why not make your home more energy efficient which could give you extra spending money every month!

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