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GIC would like to help you “Rule Your Attic” this winter!

Did you know that 90% of the homes in America are not properly insulated.  Insulation acts a blanket for you home, by keeping the conditioned air from leaking out of the home.  When a attic is not properly insulated, consequently conditioned air leaks out of the home through any penetration it can find.  Therefore you are spending more money each  month just to stay comfortable.  Just imagine what you could do with extra money in your pocket every month!

GIC would like to help you put money back in your pocket by making sure your home is properly insulated.


The pictures below show an example of an typical home that is insulated.  Most people would look at this picture and think it is properly insulated.  When in fact this home only has about 3 inches of insulation.  The Energy Star recommendation is to have at least 19 inches of blown-in insulation in the attic area.  The infrared camera also shows where the conditioned air is leaking in the home.

Insulated attic

Insulated Att

Infrared Attic

Infrared Attic




















Now here is an example of a properly insulated home.  Notice that you can’t even see the floor joists.  Air Sealing along with proper insulation, will help keep your home at the desired temperature.

Properly Insulated Attic













GIC would like to help you “Rule Your Attic” this season.  We can assess your attic insulation and recommend an improvement plan to help you save money each month.  Call us at 816-301-4448 today to set up a time we can come and measure your attic insulation.

Don’t let the winter months get the best of your wallet!  “Rule Your Attic” with GIC!!