Energy Audit Kansas City

MyGreenKC is a proud Evergy and Spire partner, and we’re here to help homeowners improve the efficiency and comfort of your home. KCPL Rebate

As temperatures begin to rise for the Spring and Summer season you may realize that your home needs improvements to maintain comfort and keep costs low. As much as you wouldn’t want cold air to enter your home in the winter, you don’t want your cooled air escaping when it’s hot outside. In either of those situations you are wasting energy and money.

When working with a preferred authorized contractor like MyGreenKC, you may also be eligible for rebates and discounts on the upgrades you make to your home. If you are considering a new thermostat check for discounts direct from your energy company. For long term overall savings, make sure you are selecting the most efficient lighting for your home.

The most helpful thing a homeowner can do, though, is make sure the structure and void spaces of you home are properly insulated and sealed. Our employees offer five star service and have the knowledge to protect you home and your wallet from the elements. If you want to find out where you stand as far as your energy consumption, contact us for an energy audit. Properly insulating your walls, basement, crawl spaces and attic, will prepare you for whatever mother nature has in store.

Now is the time to get the jump on summer heat, and be sure that you have a comfortable space to come home to. Be sure to check with your energy provider for tips, discounts and rebates for your home improvements.

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