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Wouldn’t it be nice if there were ways to recycle rain water to lower my bills and help the Environment?




 Rain Barrel
 Rain Garden

What steps can I take to help the environment and my monthly budget?

We tend to use a lot more water during the summer time trying to keep our plants alive, which means more utility usage.  Did you know that you can do your part to help the environment and your pocketbook by recycling rainwater?  There are  a few easy DIY projects you can do in order to lower your summer watering costs.

One of these projects is a rain barrel.  This is an inexpensive way to catch the water that is already collected by your gutters.   You can even use an old trashcan you have lying around for this project. The collected water can be used to hydrate plants around your home.  Having a rain barrel also helps keep the rain water from entering the sewer systems.  When rain water enters the sewer systems, it becomes polluted.  This polluted water is then evaporated back into the air and falls as rain again.

What else can I do?

Another way to help is by creating a rain garden near a run off around your home.  Find a spot near your home where the rain water tends to run off.  In this space plant a few types of native plants that will soak up the run off water and help keep it from enter in the sewer system.  This type of garden not only helps the visual appeal of your yard, but it also secretly helps keep rain water fresh.

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