Energy Audit Kansas City

We are getting ready to experience some mighty frigid weather this week so we thought we would highlight how passive solar can reduce your electric and gas bill. By using passive solar when you’re all snowed in you can be cozy as well as thrifty.

Utilizing passive solar during the heating season decreases utility bills two ways:

  1. By decreasing the need for artificial light (reducing your electric bill).
  2. By decreasing the heating demand (reducing your gas bill or further reducing your electric if your home is all-electric).

Using natural light from the sun means less artificial lights are needed during the day. The suns rays will also heat the room; making it nice and cozy while you watch the snow fall tomorrow. This is especially true for south-facing windows as they receive the most light. So open those curtains tomorrow and let the solar do its work.

Check out for more money saving tips and tricks. Feeling the impact of the cold weather on your heating bill? We want to help you! Schedule your full home energy assessment with us and start saving green while going green.