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Seasons Change and So Will Your Home’s Heating and Cooling Needs

As the end of winter nears concerns for energy usage and loss are not greatly diminished. Home owners don’t want to run heating systems later in the season than necessary and don’t want to turn on the AC too early. As the temperatures fluctuate you may want to crack a window during the day but retain heat in the evening. Here in the midwest we tend to expect some unseasonably cold days as spring approaches as well. MyGreenKC has tips and solutions for all your heating and cooling concerns.

Our main concern for your home is energy loss in general. Your home may benefit from an Energy Audit performed by our trained technicians. MyGreenKc can perform Blower Door Testing, Infrared Scans and Duct Testing to find the inefficiencies of your home. We will check your whole system from attics to basements and crawlspaces.

Attic Insulation is often the most affordable and effective way to improve your home’s energy efficiency. MyGreenKC specializes in this home upgrade. We offer several options and trained professionals to help stop the loss of energy through your attic space.

If any gaps in your home appear to be letting the heat out or the cold in, we can perform Air Sealing maintenance to stop your energy loss. Your ducting may also have gaps at connections and registers, be damaged or need cleaning. MyGreenKC can repair, seal and insulate to improve the efficiency of your system.

As the winter moves on and the season begins to change it’s still necessary to monitor, maintain or possibly upgrade your heating and cooling equipment. Be sure to check air filters and schedule regular maintenance for the longevity of your home’s heating and cooling equipment. ACs should be checked for proper refrigerant charge as well. Any outdoor units should also be cleaned and maintained before they are put into use.

During all seasons of the year drafty windows (link) may be a source of energy inefficiency. If you decide to replace them be sure that they meet the recommended energy star rating. Window gaps can be repaired and sealed as well to help maintain the comfort in your home.

In all, it is important to maintain your systems throughout cold and warm seasons. But it is also important to anticipate changes in weather and think in advance to get maintenance schedule and done before it is time to use your heating or cooling systems.


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