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Energy Audit

What is an Energy Audit?

An Energy Audit is a complete assessment of your home from top to bottom.  Our trained professionals have over 9 years of experience in assessing homes.  Therefore, we pride ourselves in preforming detailed Energy Audit for our customers.  

An Energy Audit includes:

  • The use of a blower door to measure air leakage in the home.
  • Use of infrared camera to assess further air leakage.
  • Measurement of attic insulation.
  • Measurement of CO leakage from gas appliances.
  • Assessment of exterior wall and framed floor insulation.
  • Identifying exterior gaps.

Information from the Energy Audit and current utility bills will allow us to create a energy model of your home.  This model will help us to see your homes energy usage as a whole. As a result we can put together a report that will suggest prioritized energy improvements.  

GIC also helps our customers save money, by keeping up to date on any available rebates for energy home improvements.

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Trained auditors will look for safety issues such as: high levels of carbon monoxide, fire hazards and proper drafting of gas appliances. An energy auditor ensures that each gas appliance is producing safe levels of carbon monoxide.

Also, the auditor looks for areas where the garage is not sealed completely from the house. This is important due to harmful gases can be emitted from vehicles even after they are turned off. In some cases, homeowners warm up their cars and leave them running in the garage. If the home and garage are sharing air due to lack of air sealing this will poses a health concern for anyone living in the  home.

Having an energy audit performed will help ensure the home is safe, comfortable and affordable. Each audit includes a report detailing the list of recommended improvements.

We were very satisfied with the work completed.  They were able to show us where are problem areas were...knowledgeable and very clean...we've noticed improvements in our bill as well.  Very pleased and would highly recommend! -- J. Wright

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