Energy Audit Kansas City

Take advantage of our slow calendar month!!

Have you been wanting to find out how energy efficient your home is, but weren’t ready to pay the price?

Contact us today and take advantage of our slow calendar season. GIC would like to offer Energy Audits for $299 from now until the end of the month.  Many people will continue to pay their high utility bills not knowing that simple improvements could bring energy consumption down every month.  Having an Energy Audit preformed on your home, will help you pin point these simple improvements.  


Our Energy Audits include:


Infrared Testing to help show the areas where conditioned air is leaking.


Blower door testing to identify leaks in the home.


Appliance CO testing.


Detailed report stating issues in the home, as well as a prioritized list of suggested improvements.


Green Improvement Consulting would like to help you find ways to save money each month.  Our trained and certified Auditors will thoroughly inspect your home in order to find every possible savings.


Help our guys stay busy!!  Contact us today at 816-301-4484 to schedule an Energy Audit!

Money Savings