Energy Audit Kansas City

We recently published a blog about our co-owner, Luke Smith, going solar. We thought we’d share some of the super cool features that Luke has been able to play with since his solar system was installed.

Every solar installation will need a micro-inverter. The micro-inverter immediately converts the DC (direct current) from the solar panels into the AC (alternating current) power your home uses. Luke is using the Enecsys micro-inverter for his installation. The system comes equipped with a monitoring system that shares with the user information about the performance of the solar panels. There’s even an app that allows you to see real-time information about your solar power generated. iPhone users can download this app and see how their system is performing at any time.

Here is an example of what Luke may see on a typical winter day:

Pretty cool, right!? We sure thought so. Interested in solar? The first step is making your home as efficient as possible. This will allow you to install the smallest system possible while still providing your home with enough solar power to meet its maximum demand. There are still rebates available for energy efficiency upgrades and solar for Missouri residents. Call us today to see how Green Improvement Consulting can help you meet your energy goals for 2014.