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Let GIC help you check some of those projects of your list!

The weather is warming up and this means most of us are starting on a list of outdoor projects. We all know there will be those certain projects that you just won’t be able to get done this summer on your own.  Some of us may also find that you simply do not have the correct tools to do the job.  This is when it is time to call us!  Here at Green Improvement Consulting  we offer many types of exterior home improvement services.   Our experienced staff is very talented and customer oriented.  We provide very competitive pricing, while still offering good quality service.  Some of our most popular outdoor services are:


Exterior Home Painting
Deck Cleaning and Staining
Cement Power Washing
Siding Repair and Power Washing
Deck Installation and Repair


Owning a home is a big investment, so it is important that you are taking care of this investment.  The exterior of a home acts as a barrier to the outside elements and if not properly sealed, it can cause many issues.  Decks also needs to be properly cleaned and sealed each year to help prevent rotting.  Our experienced team wants to help you enjoy more of the summer by doing this hard work for you.

Continuing to keep the exterior of your home in good shape will not only create a beautiful curb appeal, but it can also increase your homes value.  These improvements will also help when you are ready to sell.  Therefore, start your project list and contact us today to keep your investment in tip top shape.

Call GIC at 816.301.4448 to schedule a FREE BID today!

Leave the outdoor projects to us at GIC and the fun to you!