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In the land of unpredictable Midwest weather we can see snowfall even in early Spring. This is a good time to look up! Check your roofs and compare to your neighbors.

If you notice that the snow on your roof is melting faster than your neighbors’ you may have an inefficient home. The heat energy is moving through your poorly insulated attic and escaping through the roof, causing the faster snow melt.

In deeper winter months this can cause other issues for your home and its structure. If Icicles are hanging off your home while thicker snow is still layering the roof, the heat that is escaping may be melting the lower layers that refreeze and can get pushed back under your roofing to melt and cause damage.

There are a few possible causes for inefficient attics and loss of heat through roofing. Recessed lighting may draw extra heat into the attic. You may have damaged or missing roofing materials in the first place. You could also have failing seals around your roof vents or chimney.

However, the most likely issue with your home is a lack of insulation in your attic. You may notice that your roof is melting snow along the length of your peak at a faster rate than neighboring houses, or that there are patchy spots of melting snow. In both cases you may need extra insulation throughout your attic to make sure it’s at the proper levels and to fill any lower or thinner spots throughout the attic space.

MyGreenKC specializes in the assessment and solutions for attic spaces and energy loss. We are able to check your issues with trained professionals and relevant equipment. If you need our services whether it is for that initial assessment, or quality solutions, you can greatly reduce the cost of heating/cooling your home by properly insulating. Blown insulation is most popular for the attic area. Our professionals can help you with deciding what improvements will benefit your home the most.

So check for even coverage when snow is sitting on your roof, and make the comparison to other homes near yours. Contact MyGreenKC to schedule an appointment.

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