Energy Audit Kansas City

Have you been thinking about getting new windows, but don’t want to foot the bill?

Summer time means home improvements start for most homeowners, which could include new windows.  Home improvements can be very time-consuming and costly, so who wouldn’t you want a little help with the bill.  KCP&L is now offering rebates for window replacement  and air sealing up to $1050 dollars!  Now is the time to schedule your Rebate qualifying Energy Audit.


Installing Energy Efficient windows in your home can help reduce energy costs, improve the comfort of your home, increase light in the home and reduce fading of fabrics or paint in the home.  With today’s technology, new windows allow an ample amount of light to enter the home while keeping large amounts of heat out.  This would also mean your HVAC would be running less through all seasons and reduce energy costs all year round.

No more closing window shades during the summer months just to keep the heat out!

Combining window replacement with air sealing your home, could potentially save you hundreds throughout the year.  Air sealing all of the penetrations from electrical, plumbing, windows and doorways will also help improve your homes efficiency.  We have seen up to a 30% savings in energy bills just from air sealing a home.  Also by combining these two,  you are able to receive a much higher rebate amount.  With window replacement alone, a rebate could be up to $750, but with window replacement and air sealing you could get up to $1050!  Now is the time to make these improvements and feel good about the price.


Call now to schedule your Rebate qualifying Energy Audit with GIC!  We want to help you complete your home improvements at the price you can afford.  Contact us today at 816-301-4448 or email at!!