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It’s time to take breaks!

Many of today’s jobs include multiple hours in front of a computer screen without taking breaks.  Some of us even have a tendency to eat lunch at our desks.  Although tasks may be completed by working this way, you are putting your health is at risk.

Many studies have proven that long hours of sitting can put you at a higher risk for health problems like heart disease, strokes and weight gain.  It can also lower your productivity and contribute to depression.  Making sure to take a short break every hour will help lower these risks.

Still need some more convincing, here are the top reason why you should take a break:

You will feel better physically.

With most people working 55+ hours every week, we are already making our health risks higher.  Not taking breaks just adds to this risk.  Consider taking some of those hours to run or walk while making needed phone calls.  This will help lower obesity rates, keep your heart strong, prevent diabetes and possibly avert some types of cancers.

Productivity will raise.

Those who take a short break every hour will much more productive.  Concentration is like working a muscle, breaks are needed to increase your focus.  Brief breaks will highly improve your ability to focus on long term projects.

You get to socialize!

Studies have shown that constant interaction with peers boosts your mood and creativity.  As a result this combination can give you a leg up when it comes to collaborative projects.

Breaks can help lower stress.

Long work days can be very stressful on a person.  Taking time to decompress everyday, will help lower your stress levels.  Try activities like exercise, meditation or even watching your favorite show.

You will help improve your mood.

Working without breaks can cause you to feel overwhelmed and slowly onset depression.  Depression can be very debilitating and create multiple problems in your life.  Going outside for a few minutes or exercising will help boost your endorphins, which will fight off depression.

In conclusion, taking breaks will help with stress, health and your over all mood.  Go for a walk outside, stop to talk to co-workers or simply stand up for a few minutes every hour.  For more information on the risks of constant sitting, check out this website

Your boss may get frustrated at first, but your mood and productivity increase will change the mood.

Happy breaking!!






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