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Save money and energy this Thanksgiving.

Your last grocery bill may have been hefty as you  prepare for your upcoming Thanksgiving feast. By following this quick tip you can be sure to save money and energy this Thanksgiving on your upcoming heating bill.

As you prepare for your family Thanksgiving dinner you may want to consider turning down your thermostat before guests arrive. With all your extended family members crowded into your house the “people load” will be raising the temperature inside your home. To ensure money is saved and your guests are comfortable turn your thermostat down a couple degrees.

Fifteen people generate enough heat to require a half ton cooling load in order to maintain the current level of comfort. So if you are having a large gathering this Thanksgiving with 25+ guests this would mean nearly a ton or more of cooling is required to maintain comfort levels in the home. It is best to turn down the thermostat before guests arrive so the room does not get overheated, but rather becomes more comfortable as guests begin to fill the house in anticipation of Grandma’s famous pumpkin pie.

It may sound strange, but your body temperature actually can rise up to 2 degrees after you’ve eaten. As your metabolic rate increases so does your body temperature. So not only will people be all nice and warm because there is so much body heat present, but they will also feel warmer after they’ve eaten.

In addition,  the oven and stove will also be contributing to the heat load. Take into account the heat the oven and stove will be producing and further lower the thermostat.

If you forget to turn down your heat and find that all of a sudden guests are starting to vocalize they are uncomfortably warm do not turn on your air conditioning. The switch from heating to cooling in these extreme temperatures could harm your HVAC system. Instead crack a window.

This Thanksgiving while you are enjoying time with your family remember that you can also make sure they are comfortable while saving money and energy. Just one more thing to be thankful for! For more information on how you can save year-round visit our website.