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Home explodes from gas leak.

An Energy Audit isn’t just for living more “Green”, it can help save lives! While an Energy Audit can help make your home more energy efficient, it can also help find unsafe gas leaks in your home.   Even the…


Flir One Thermal Scanning

See your home in a whole new light with the help of: Thermal Imaging & Scanning Infrared Scanning & Testing With thermal imaging Green Improvement  has the ability to show you exactly how energy efficient your home is  in the…


What is Air Sealing? Every home has air sealing opportunities where gaps, cracks and holes exists.  These areas could be from wiring, plumbing, flues, windows, doors or exterior wall seams.  Most homeowners do not take the time to really inspect their…


Mobile Home Energy Audit

The answer is yes! An Energy Audit is a great way to see exactly which areas of you mobile home need improvement.  By identifying which areas of your mobile home that need improvement you can begin to make you home more…


Saving money by recycling rain water.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were ways to recycle rain water to lower my bills and help the Environment?        Rain Barrel  Rain Garden What steps can I take to help the environment and my monthly budget? We…


Replacing your AC unit could save you big bucks. We have worked out an amazing price for HVAC replacements for our customers. We are making the deal even sweeter by offering the first 10 customers $250 off their AC replacement! Most…


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